Hold, receive, and send money in multiple currencies with customer segregated accounts

Award winning account functionality and features across Europe and UK, including IBANs (Local IBANs), BICs, Account Numbers, Sort Codes

opportunities with Unlimit BaaS

with  Unlimit BaaS

  • Launch in light speed so you get to market in time

    Launch your account offering with lower costs, more efficiency and improved user experience thanks to our automated toolkit

  • Utilise our licenses

    We take on the regulatory challenges and obstacles associated with launching an account program by allowing you to utilise our regulatory licenses

  • Attract new customers and build loyalty

    Provide your customers with hyper personalised financial products that increases customer engagement and loyalty in your brand and business

  • Full suite of APIs

    A comprehensive suite of RESTful API methods allows you to offer custom made account solutions for your customers

  • Innovative and latest digital features

    Gain access to our robust payment technology driven by our drive of constant innovation

  • Seamless onboarding with digital KYC and verification checks