Use Cases

We apply our expertise to help a number of specific industries and verticals

  1. Financial Service Firms

    Break free from legacy systems and architecture and launch innovative payment solutions.

    Unlimit BaaS takes away the complexity and costs involved in becoming a member of the card schemes, processing, and issuing cards.
    Whether you are looking to launch a standalone project or an MVP, we provide financial service firms that wish to offer debit or prepaid cards a cost effective, end to end service to issue fully bespoke card products to complement their core product offerings.

  2. NeoBank

    We understand the complexity of infrastructure required to set up and run a banking style payments product.

    These products rely on a solid technical infrastructure and the right product and marketing approach to drive uptake.
    Unlimit BaaS provides all the background technical infrastructure required to power and run banking style products, leaving product teams free to design the user experience, features and to concentrate on growing the user base.
    Our robust REST based APIs are designed to take care of all the ‘behind the scenes’ requirements and provide a compliant, secure platform to build on.

  3. Fintech and Sandbox Environments

    We recognise that there are great ideas for new products in the Fintech space.

    Unlimit has established a Fintech-friendly ecosystem where new ideas can come to be tried and tested in a cost-controlled way. We set up projects the way they are intended and provide new ideas with the right environment to be incubated.
    Our sandbox environment allows for testing, tweaking and trialing before setting products live. By design, we set up scalable products and provide clear visibility on future costs and commercials as a product proves successful and grows.

  4. Insurance

    All Policyholders appreciate when an insurance claim is paid out swiftly and efficiently.

    That means one less hassle for them to worry about. Unlimit BaaS solution is aimed at helping insurers to streamline insurance payouts. This includes payouts via fully branded payment cards.
    Where policyholders receive a card at the beginning of their policy, they both hold the insurance company’s branding in their wallet and can receive instant payouts in real time once approved by the claims team.
    With the ability to access spending data, the insurer can start to use these insights to build customer stickiness and customer engagement thus leading to hyper-personalised products.

  5. Crypto Exchanges

    Our solution allows your customers to convert and spend their crypto at point of sale to purchase anything from a tea to a Tesla.

    Unlimit BaaS provides a crypto-enabled debit card so your customers can enjoy a world of frictionless crypto spending. With our solution, your Mastercard/Visa/CUP will be able to convert your digital asset instantaneously at point of sale.
    BTC, ETH, Cardano, no need to manually convert or liquidate your assets. Our card solution removes this.

  6. Instant Payments

    Customer expectations have shifted due to the digital payment’s revolution. The need for customers to have funds instantly has seen Unlimit provide instant and frictionless disbursements to meet customers’ demands.

    Our virtual card solution enables real time generation and loading of virtual cards to help manage instant payments.
    Whether generating unique virtual cards per transaction, using virtual cards to simplify accounting across cost centres, or having visibility of loaned funds once they have been sent out. We offer a range of disbursement solutions to create the right environment and experience for the end beneficiaries.