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Unlimit and PayWings Join Forces to Empower Next-Gen Digital Payments

Unlimit’s BaaS solution will enable the platform to offer a wide range of capabilities to its clients with the goal to issue 1.5 million cards by the end of 2023
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Unlimit, the London-based global fintech pioneer, and PayWings, a versatile digital payments platform, have joined forces to create a cutting-edge digital payment solution catering to both B2C and B2B markets. Unlimit is an award-winning global all-in-one fintech offering advanced payment capabilities through an evolving financial interface to startups and businesses across the globe with 16 offices across four continents. With PayWings’ ambition to issue 1.5 million HOPPA! Cards by the end of 2023, this partnership is set to revolutionise the way individuals and businesses transact.

By leveraging Unlimit’s powerful Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) API, PayWings will provide users with a full-fledged IBAN account and their ground-breaking HOPPA! Card, available in physical, virtual, and digital formats. This collaboration will enable the integration of a comprehensive suite of features, including salary payments, contract payments, travel expenses management, and on-demand account and card issuance for large enterprises. PayWings’ platform, empowered by Unlimit’s API, will also allow other fintechs to offer tailored solutions through a co-brand program.

As traditional banking continues to recede, the neobanking market is skyrocketing. For example, the size of the neobanking market grew globally from $79.1 billion USD (£63.4 billion) in 2022 to $118.51 billion USD (£95.5 billion) in 2023. According to Statista as of January 2023, the six app-only digital banks currently in existence had more than 80 million app downloads combined. The partnership between Unlimit and PayWings exemplifies their commitment to addressing the ever-evolving consumer and business demand for inventive financial solutions and coincides with the evolution of the banking industry.

Commenting on the partnership, Jovi Overo, Managing Director BaaS at Unlimit said: 

We are thrilled to join forces with PayWings. Both companies share a vision for the future of fintech, and this collaboration will drive innovation in the industry. The HOPPA! Card offers consumers an unmatched payment experience, and PayWings’ commitment to Web3 reflects Unlimit’s core values. We look forward to a prosperous and successful partnership.”

Adding their comments on the new partnership, Igor Lavrih, CEO at PayWings Holding said:

At PayWings, we are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Unlimit. This collaboration joined with the HOPPA! Card and the PayWings platform is set to revolutionise the digital payment landscape and cater to both B2C and B2B markets. As we commence this exhilarating venture with Unlimit, our confidence in our mutual vision for fintech’s future grows, and we eagerly anticipate a fruitful and triumphant partnership.

About Unlimit

Founded in 2009, Unlimit is a global fintech company that offers a large portfolio of financial services, including payment processing, banking as a service (BaaS), and an on-ramp fiat solution for crypto, DeFi, and GameFi. The company’s mission is to deliver solutions that eliminate financial borders, enabling businesses to operate both locally and internationally with ease across Europe, the UK, LatAm, APAC and Africa. Based in London, Unlimit has 500 employees across 16 offices and five continents, including Frankfurt, Singapore, São Paulo, Hong Kong, and Mexico. For further information, please visit: 

About PayWings

PayWings’ platform not only delivers a ground-breaking digital payment solution but also empowers B2C companies to seize new opportunities with accelerated time to market. Offering seamless integration, pre-built solutions, and rapid deployment, businesses can adapt to the ever-changing demands of the modern consumer. 

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