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Weekly News Roundup: 16/06

Welcome to our weekly news roundup, of headlines which caught our eye. We’ll bring you a weekly dose of some of the most interesting titles which have surfaced, with a particular focus on the topics of payments inclusivity, cross-border e-commerce, blockchain tokens and beyond.
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This week’s roundup will feature titles on payments inclusivity, cross-border e-commerce, and blockchain tokens. Join us and Unlimit BaaS’ Managing Director, Jovi Overo in the exploration of some of the biggest headlines of our industry.

  • Mastercard has launched Touch Card in Australia, aimed at bringing financial products to those who are blind or visually impaired. The card features notches to help users identify their debit, credit and prepaid cards. [source: The Paypers]

We’re seeing an increase in the launch of products which help to bring financial independence and inclusion across the board. This fantastic launch comes at a time where more cards are being produced in a flat design which has no embossment that would allow the visually impaired and blind to identify their cards. It’s a wonder to see the evolution of technology and payments to bring inclusive experiences to all. – Jovi

  • PayPal Ventures has invested into eCommerce platform Nocnoc to improve cross-border e-commerce between Latin America and global sellers. [source: PYMNTS]

As Latin America continues to grow as a leading e-commerce market in the world, the need for improved cross-border channels are imperative. The investment could help address logistical and financial obstacles which merchants face, which will open up opportunities for global presence and entrance into new markets. – Jovi

  • The Bank of China’s investment banking arm has issued its first tokenised notes to clients in Asia Pacific, on the Ethereum blockchain in Hong Kong.  [source: Cryptoslate]

Alternative and digital currencies are becoming increasingly popular as users seek added value and greater security for their funds. And with so much growth in Hong Kong around crypto, it is becoming a hub where the virtual asset market can flourish in tandem with Web3. Tonkenised notes is a strong stand towards the encouragement of digital transformation and an innovative, digital economy for Hong Kong. – Jovi

See you next week, back in the blog for your next weekly news roundup.

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